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Discover how one health care organization used a comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational approach to improve its sepsis bundle compliance — a program that predates the CMS sepsis core measure.
  • Eric Gross, MD, MMM, and Georgia McGlynn, RN, MSN-CNL, CPHQ

‘Helistroke’ Service Is Latest Technique in Providing Care to Stroke Patients

Air transport of the doctor, rather than the patient, can save time – therefore, lives – while also saving money.
  • Michael Stone

How Do You Work With Someone Who Isn’t a Team Player?

Fix the situation before it affects your group’s performance.
  • Harvard Business Review

Physicians Push for Alternatives, But No Denying Opioids’ Effectiveness

America’s growing epidemic has guided policymakers and providers toward treatments such as nerve blocks, medical marijuana and even acupuncture.
  • Michael Stone

Markups Can Fatten Hospital Budgets, Even if Few Patients Foot the Full Bill

Economists find that list prices are a critical gauge of which hospitals receive higher payments. Hospitals say they offset the rising costs of delivering care.
  • Chad Terhune

Thinking About Calling Out Someone Powerful? Speak to These Questions

: Speaking truth to power requires attention to five intimately related questions.
  • Harvard Business Review