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2023 Fall Institute Using the CPI 260 for Leadership Development

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Every physician leader possesses a unique combination of character traits that shape how they function and perform as a healthcare professional. From this perspective, each leader has distinctive development needs that must be independently defined. Notably, while this concept is accurate and highly relevant as it pertains to developing leadership skills, it’s not revolutionary. The more profound question is, how can a physician leader revolutionize their leadership development strategy? How can you create the most prominent and consistent rate of improvement in your performance and the healthcare outcomes you spearhead? 

This CPI 260© Workshop is designed to provide a high-level solution to that very question. Within the course, you will design and systemize your personal leadership development strategy, utilizing your results from the CPI 260© Assessment. Completing the assessment will provide you with two reports, each offering in-depth, multidimensional insights into your leadership traits. Your reports will serve as the foundation of course curriculum. By enrolling in this CPI 260© Workshop, you will become familiar with your CPI 260© reports by learning to navigate and interpret them, deepen your self-awareness by leveraging insights the report provides, and design a systemized strategy for your personalized leadership development. If our collective aim as healthcare professionals is to transform patient outcomes, we must commit to the pursuit of becoming transformed leaders at the forefront of that mission. Take a quantum leap forward in your leadership journey with our CPI 260© Workshop. 

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