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Physician Leadership Matters: The Importance of Understanding the Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Healthcare

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Physicians often are uneasy when faced with the legal and regulatory demands prevalent in today's healthcare landscape, as the extensive legal and regulatory knowledge required is typically absent from their medical education. However, physicians should have a working understanding of healthcare regulations and employment laws, as these regulations and laws can significantly impact their medical practice life, potentially leading to the loss of their medical license, harm to their reputation, and civil or criminal penalties.  

This book provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of healthcare and employment laws, including HIPAA vulnerabilities, legal pitfalls, complexities of peer review, the importance of professional regulatory compliance, and the potential complications of NPDB review.  

It equips physicians with the proactive approach needed to navigate the heavily regulated and legally complex medical world. By understanding these concepts and gaining knowledge, physicians can confidently handle the evolving environment of federal regulatory policies and employment laws, which significantly impact their medical practice. Real-life examples are included to reinforce the content and solidify the understanding that all physicians need.  

Every practicing physician will gain a profound comprehension of how these crucial areas overlap and acquire insights to empower them in making better decisions.  


Book author:  

Timothy E. Paterick, MD, JD, MBA 

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