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Unlocking the Value of NPs and PAs: Increase Revenue and Create a Healthy and Thriving Practice with Midlevel Providers

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This new book discusses what employers can expect when hiring advanced practice providers and how to help midlevel providers in their practices reach their full potential. The book suggests actionable modifications employers can make to recruit, hire, train, and retain NPs and PAs in a mutually beneficial employment relationship.

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Erin Tolbert

Most medical practice management literature addresses practice structure and profitability as it relates to physicians. The role of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) has evolved significantly over the past several years but most practices are not set up to take full advantage of their potential. Yet fiscally smart and patient-centered practices are effectively using nurse practitioners and physician assistants in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. In the face of such changes, it’s essential that healthcare practices reevaluate their provider staffing strategies to maximize the efficiency and profitability in their clinics or departments.

This indispensable book provides practical tools including:

  • Understanding the role of midlevel providers and their differences from physicians.
  • Developing systems and processes for recruiting and retaining midlevel providers that maximize the potential for selecting the right candidate and providing a successful onboarding experience.
  • Reviews the role midlevel providers play and suggests various practice structures that maximize these roles. Implementing these structures takes advantage of the unique capabilities of midlevel providers improving practice efficiency and revenue.
  • Discusses the way nurse practitioners and physician assistants are educated and the challenges this poses for employers. The book gives strategies for overcoming these challenges and addressing the education disparity between physicians and midlevel providers.
  • Shares practical steps for interviewing, hiring and structuring the employment relationship with midlevel providers which ultimately improves job satisfaction and encourages retention.
  • Highlights real-world examples of how NPs and PAs are being used today by successful practices.
  • Successful implementation of PAs and NPs gives practices an advantage over their competitors.

Readers will feel empowered with practical, actionable strategies for improving practice structure and hiring practices with midlevel providers. Written from the perspective of a nurse practitioner who works with hospitals and clinics examining their recruiting practices and management strategies, readers will gain an all-new understanding of these strategies that will lead to stronger employment relationships with NPs and PAs and ultimately--financial profitability.

Selected Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Why Better Midlevel Provider Management Matters
  • Part I: Outlining the Problem
    • Chapter 1: A Day in the Life of a Midlevel Medical Provider Pros, cons and potential to improve
    • Chapter 2: A Flawed System - How Did We Get Here? A Brief Timeline of the U.S. Healthcare System and its Impact on Medical Providers
    • Chapter 3: Healthcare Education vs. Reality What healthcare providers need to know beyond patient care
    • Chapter 4: Midlevel Providers and Your Practice Using NPs and PAs to increase revenue and improve work-life balance
  • Part II: From Hiring Midlevel Providers to a Thriving Practice
    • Chapter 5: Nurse Practitioners and Training
    • Chapter 6: Best Midlevel Provider Hiring Practices Compensation and Expectation Transparency
    • Chapter 7: Recruiting and Retaining Midlevel Providers Cut Costs and Run a Healthy Business
    • Chapter 8: Common Objections to Using Advanced Practice Providers Addressing Productivity Effects, Integration and Liability
    • Conclusion: Doing What’s Best for Your Practice and Employees
  • Index   
Erin Tolbert

Erin Tolbert, RN, MSN, FNP-C, is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner who actively practices in the emergency department in Nashville, Tennessee. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt University in 2006 with a concentration in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Master of Science in Nursing Degree from Vanderbilt University in 2008. Her clinical experience lies in family practice, urgent care and emergency medicine.

Based on her own career journey, Ms. Tolbert founded MidlevelU in 2012 to share her professional experience with prospective and practicing nurse practitioners and physician assistants. MidlevelU serves as a resource for NPs, PAs and the facilities that employ such providers and is a thriving online community with more than 100,000 monthly readers. Midlevels for the Medically Underserved, the company’s residency-like program for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, helps facilitate the transition from education to practice for new providers while serving as a valuable recruitment and retention tool for healthcare facilities in underserved areas nationwide.

Erin Tolbert and MidlevelU regularly receive national media attention on news outlets like The Fox News Channel and CNN where Erin appears as a medical expert discussing the latest healthcare news topics.

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