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50 Nonclinical Careers for Physicians: Fulfilling, Meaningful, and Lucrative Alternatives to Direct Patient Care

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How Physicians Can Leverage Their Clinical Skills to Transition to Another Career

By the time they realize their career in clinical medicine isn’t everything they thought it would be, many physicians believe they’re too invested in their trade to turn back now. Feeling burned out, disengaged, unfulfilled or burdened by high student debt or compensation incommensurate with the demands of their job, they may feel trapped, without options and with nowhere to turn.

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By Sylvie Stacy, MD, MPH

In her book, 50 NONCLINICAL CAREERS FOR PHYSICIANS: FULFILLING, MEANINGFUL, and LUCRATIVE ALTERNATIVES TO DIRECT PATIENT CARE, preventive medicine physician Sylvie Stacy offers physicians an escape from that bleak “trap” by identifying numerous nonclinical career options that could align with their skillsets and individual financial situation.

While providing an escape from the stressors of clinical medicine, the book also allays much of the potential guilt associated with “selling out” their chosen profession or abandoning patients by explaining how each physician’s training and talents directly translate to patient care outside of clinical medicine.

The value of 50 NONCLINICAL CAREERS FOR PHYSICIANS is in its actionable advice, including how to market yourself in job applications and interviews, and the abundance of detail it provides – including responsibilities, range of compensation and stress levels – to help readers decide which alternative career is the best fit for them. And while other authors encourage physicians to start their own business, Stacy focuses on full-time positions that don’t require the reader to begin their own consulting business or find their own clients.

From the Foreword by Peter Angood, MD, CEO & President, American Association for Physician Leadership, “The layout of the book and its chapter design provide focus on the constellation of readily attainable, full-time positions for all types of physicians. It is a must read for those trying to answer their personal question of whether to seek an alternative career path beyond bedside care.”

Table of Contents

Careers in Health Care Services Delivery

  1. Senior Hospital Administration
  2. Health Care Services Company Leadership
  3. Clinical Information Systems
  4. Health Care Quality and Patient Safety
  5. Performance Improvement and Health Care Medical Affairs
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Health Care Financing and Managed Care

  1. Health Care Payer and Managed Care Administration
  2. Utilization Management
  3. Revenue Cycle Management
  4. Population Health Management and Analytics
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Biotechnology

  1. Drug Research and Development
  2. Regulatory Affairs
  3. Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  4. Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs
  5. Health Economics, Market Access, and Managed Markets
  6. Biotechnology Industry
  7. Medical Device Industry
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Technology and Innovation

  1. Health Information Technology
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Digital Health
  4. Business Development, Sales, and Marketing
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Professional and Financial Services

  1. Management Consulting
  2. Health Care Consulting
  3. Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Venture Capital
  4. Wealth Management and Private Banking
  5. Medical Law
  6. Life Insurance Industry
  7. Disability Insurance Industry
  8. Physician Recruitment and Leadership Consulting
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Writing and Communications

  1. Medical Communications
  2. Medical Journalism
  3. Medical Publishing
  4. Medical Education Content Development and Test Prep
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Public Health and Government

  1. US Health and Human Services
  2. State and Local Health Department Leadership
  3. Global Health
  4. Occupational and Environmental Health
  5. Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
  6. Health Policy and Politics
  7. Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Education and Research

  1. Teaching
  2. Medical School and Professional School Administration
  3. Biomedical Research
  4. Health Services Research
  • Physician Profile

Careers in the Nonprofit Sector

  1. Community-Serving Nonprofits and Advocacy Groups
  2. Professional Associations
  3. Certification and Accreditation
  • Physician Profile

Careers in Consumer Health

  1. Health Promotion
  2. Case Management and Care Planning
  3. Aesthetics, Fitness, Weight Loss, and the Wellness Industry
  4. Broadcast Media and Entertainment
  • Physician Profile

Bonus! Independent Physician Consulting and Entrepreneurship

Bonus! Transitioning to a Nonclinical Job

Sylvie Stacy

Sylvie Stacy, MD, MPH, received her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed a residency in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins. She has held nonclinical jobs in medical writing, medical education, utilization management, and clinical documentation improvement. Her blog and online community Look for Zebras aims to equip medical professionals with the information and knowledge needed to take charge of their professional fulfillment and earn income doing work they enjoy.

"If you’re at a crossroads in your career, 50 Nonclinical Careers for Physicians: Fulfilling, Meaningful, and Lucrative Alternatives to Direct Patient Care, is your go-to source. You’ll discover the options to still make a difference, enjoy your work, and have a great life. Don’t wait a day to read this book, it could change your life."

Heather Fork, MD, MCC, Master Certified Coach and Founder, The Doctor’s Crossing

"Having enjoyed a career that has spanned several of the sectors covered in this book, I can attest that these jobs exist, are satisfying, and capitalize on our skills as medical doctors. This comprehensive compilation of nonclinical options is required reading for any medical provider considering taking their career beyond the bedside."

John Whyte, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer at WebMD

“Now more than ever, physicians have a wide variety of nonclinical career choices opening up in a broad range of industries. In fact, our firm is working more and more with physician executives who are exploring advancement outside of the traditional care industry. Dr. Stacy’s guide is an excellent and comprehensive resource for physicians – at any stage of their career – looking for meaningful, rewarding alternatives to clinical practice.”

Paul Esselman, President of Cejka Search

"Where was this book while I was in training? You will find not only myriad examples of nonclinical careers but also real-life examples of doctors thriving along this path. This should be required reading for medical students so that they understand how to have an impact within the hospital walls and outside of it."

Nii-Daako Darko, DO, MBA, Trauma surgeon and host of Docs Outside the Box podcast

"Dr. Stacy has put together a brilliant map down the 'road less traveled' that every physician should be aware of whether they choose to go down it or not. Some might pursue this path right out of medical school while others will use it for a side hustle or an encore career. Still others might simply dream briefly of leaving clinical medicine after a bad week. No matter your career goals, knowing your options will allow you to be intentional in your pursuit of self-fulfillment and service to others. More options mean less burnout and better patient care, and that's a good thing for everybody involved."

- James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP, Editor and Founder, The White Coat Investor, LLC

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