Leadership Courses You Need

Physician Leadership Courses You Need

We believe all physicians are leaders – whether in title or in your role at your organization or in your community. AAPL courses provide the tools and approaches to assist you as a leader.

Here are recommended courses from the AAPL's course catalog.

The Fundamentals of Physician Leadership Series is the perfect starting point for your journey into leadership.

  • Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Series

    Build a well-rounded foundation of leadership and influence. Effective leadership is developed by honing specific skills and behaviors, and in the Fundamentals courses, physicians will explore tactics and strategies to strengthen organizational values, improve team performance, streamline redundant processes and more.

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  • A physician health care professional's guide to developing a Business PlanDeveloping a Business Plan

    Health care organizations hesitate to invest in initiatives without fully understanding the likely return on investments. It is common for organizations to demand a business plan to justify the expense of new projects and ventures. And it is essential for physician leaders to understand business plans; including each key element of a plan. Learn to draft business plans for new programs, projects and ventures for existing organizations -- as well as for new business development.

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  • A physician health care professional's guide to build a CMIO-CMO-CIO PartnershipThe CMIO-CMO-CIO Partnership

    The course explores the role of clinical informatics and how each collaborator – Chief Medical Information Officer, Chief Medical Officer or Chief Information Officer – can improve them. These partnerships often result in better information gathering and improved focus on how to use data to deliver superior care. It also covers the CMIO hybrid’s characteristics and offers support systems for physicians in that role.

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  • A physician health care executive's guide to lead a complex organization during change, crisis, conflict, and uncertaintyManaging Physician Performance

    Enroll to learn how to find — and keep — the most talented physicians. This program provides a blueprint for the hiring and talent management process. Registrants will explore strategies for interviewing, hiring, coaching, performance evaluations, and more. By the end of the course, physician leaders will have covered many strategies and tactics required to leverage talent. These same strategies, when applied, can be used to significantly strengthen organizations.

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  • A physician health care executive's guide to leading and Managing Strategic ChangeLeading and Managing Strategic Change

    Gain the tools, techniques and skills required to lead change. The key to thriving as a physician leader is the ability to manage strategic innovation and change. There's a difference between a compelling vision and a burning platform, and leading change versus managing it. This course will provide physician leaders the insights they need to guide their organizations to the forefront of health care innovation.

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