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Whether you’re a Physician, Director, CMO or CEO, we’re confident our online courses will help you advance your level of leadership.

Here are AAPL's Most Popular Courses:

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Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Series


  • Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Series

    Enroll in Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Series to build a well-rounded foundation of leadership and influence. Effective leadership is developed by honing specific skills and behaviors, and in the Fundamentals courses, physicians will explore tactics and strategies to strengthen organizational values, improve team performance, streamline redundant processes and more.

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Managing Physician Performance


  • Managing Physician Performance

    Enroll to learn how to find — and keep — the most talented physicians. This program provides a blueprint for the hiring and talent management process. Registrants will explore strategies for interviewing, hiring, coaching, performance evaluations, and more. By the end of the course, physician leaders will have covered many strategies and tactics required to leverage talent. These same strategies, when applied, can be used to significantly strengthen organizations.

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Foundations of Financial Accounting


  • This course offers insights on how to record business activities and interpret financial statements. Physician leaders who enroll can gain an understanding as to why financial accounting is so often political and controversial.

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Essentials of Health Law


  • Health care law is a complex topic affected by sweeping changes in the political landscape. Gain an overview of health care laws and how decisions have affected organizations. Examine today’s most pressing health legal issues for patients, health care employees, and organizations. Develop insights to help interpret statutes and judicial opinions that directly affect health care. Explore the legal trends associated with liability for managed care organizations. Develop strategies for proactively protecting practitioners and organizations.

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Engaging Physicians for Results


  • Engaging Physicians for Results

    While active physician engagement is a common goal, few know how to achieve this ideal high-performing workforce. Learn how to set out a compelling vision to gain physician buy-in for change. Explore key elements that will build relationships with stakeholders to construct the optimal performance leadership structure. Understand how performance metrics, training programs and leadership development can be harnessed to impact change.

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Present Like a Pro


  • Present Like a Pro

    Explore presentation secrets and audience engagement techniques that allow physician leaders to command a room and influence others through presentations. Physician leaders will study the art of audience-focused presentations, whether it be through email, slide decks or social media. Learn to be seen, heard, and to have influence.

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