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Physician Leaders need to influence and motivate others. To thrive as a physician leader, one must have the ability to engage others, manage change and inspire innovation. AAPL courses provide insights to make this happen.


  • Embracing Change

    The ability to embrace change is essential to being successful as a leader, but, for many, the natural response to change is fear or resistance. Fortunately, we can train our minds to better manage change. This course provides practical strategies to encourage and support adaptability and resilience during times of change. Through real-world examples, you'll have an opportunity to explore potential concerns and solutions while improving your attitude toward change.

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  • Managing Task Forces, Committees and Work Groups

    How to Get a Reputation as a Good Leader

    This course will not only teach you how to do both of these things, it will provide practical insights into clarifying roles, communicating with members, listening and synthesizing information, disclosing conflicts of interest, and coming to group consensus. Consequently, it will also teach you the skills you need to get a reputation as a good group leader.

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  • A physician health care professional's guide to developing a Business PlanDeveloping a Business Plan

    Health care organizations hesitate to invest in initiatives without fully understanding the likely return on investments. It is common for organizations to demand a business plan to justify the expense of new projects and ventures. And it is essential for physician leaders to understand business plans; including each key element of a plan. Learn to draft business plans for new programs, projects and ventures for existing organizations -- as well as for new business development.

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  • Develop Effective Teams

    Learning how to work effectively in teams has become a crucial skill in today’s workplace. Those tasked with leading teams are presented with challenges that must be dealt with efficiently. This course will introduce leaders to new approaches for improving team performance through effective communication, innovative problem-solving, and conflict management. Strategies and templates discussed in the course will allow learners to evaluate personal team-based experiences while drawing connections to industry examples.

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  • Leading and Managing Strategic Change

    Gain the tools, techniques and skills required to lead change. The key to thriving as a physician leader is the ability to manage strategic innovation and change. There's a difference between a compelling vision and a burning platform, and leading change versus managing it. This course will provide physician leaders the insights they need to guide their organizations to the forefront of health care innovation.

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  • Engaging Physicians for Results

    While active physician engagement is a common goal, few know how to achieve this ideal high-performing workforce. Learn how to set out a compelling vision to gain physician buy-in for change. Explore key elements that will build relationships with stakeholders to construct the optimal performance leadership structure. Understand how performance metrics, training programs and leadership development can be harnessed to impact change.

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