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As your leadership acumen and skill set evolves, so do the educational materials and career services that support your growth. Whether you seek continued learning in your pursuit of the CPE credential, or ongoing professional development, investment in your education is essential to your growth as a physician leader.

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Just Added:

  • A physician health care executive's roadmap to embracing changeEmbracing Change 

    This course explores real-world examples and actionable strategies that will better prepare you and your team to cope with and embrace organizational change.

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  • A physician health care executive's roadmap to transition from management to leadershipTransition from Management to Leadership 

    Learn how to successfully transition from a management to a leadership role, properly time and stage this transition, and what your leadership skills and gaps are. 

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  • A physician health care executive's roadmap to developing effective teamsThe Numbers a CEO Needs to Know 

    This course discusses matters every CEO should be aware of in relation to the financial health of their organization.

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  • A physician health care executive's roadmap to developing effective teamsDevelop Effective Teams 

    Leaders will learn new approaches for improving team performance through effective communication, innovative problem solving, and conflict management.

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  • Establish a Just Culture

    This course is based on a concept that has been centuries in the making. It's designed to lay a cultural foundation that's capable of improving morale, productivity, and quality outcomes.

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Recent Updates and Course Additions:

  • Mastering Physician Engagement allows you to create stable relationships between physicians and the workplace. Explore key elements designed to promote higher levels of physician engagement and deliver effective solutions.

  • Deliver Effective Feedback provides actionable techniques for leaders who want to have constructive coaching conversations with their team members.

  • Recruit and Retain Top Talent will give you access to the strategies the best managers use to hire, retain and motivate top-performing employees.

  • Design a Compensation Model offers physicians a new perspective on organizational compensation.

  • Create Systems for Quality unlocks the step-by-step method for basic system design and instructs on how to access the fundamentals of systems thinking.

    Product Updates

    • Managing Physician Performance has historically been offered as a facilitated distance education course. For those that prefer a pure distance education course without faculty or set schedules, we have created a three-course distance education bundle, or series, which can replace the facilitated course. The Managing Physician Performance: Series offers the same CME credit and counts towards the core credit required for the CPE track.