Physician in Management Series

Physician in Management Series Overview

This series of live and e-learning education courses are designed to prepare the physician leader for success in today’s challenging health care industry.  A slate of experts from specialized areas of the medical and business community have come together to lead these classes, offering a comprehensive and unabashed look at the responsibility undertaken by every physician leader who steps into this role.  Learners will explore a well-rounded look at the influential aspects of the physician leader, including the importance of communicating a positive message as liaison of the organization.  Learners will garner a strong overview of organizational financing to maximize their fiscal decision-making abilities, assessing the quality initiatives past and present.  Learners will become familiar with vital processes and methods for achieving results in managing personnel, overcoming disputes and representing the health care organization overall.  These courses form a connective tissue that will strengthen the physician leader as he or she faces the challenges of a divisive health care industry to forge a better tomorrow.


PIM: Communication

  1. Comprehend the way in which others interpret you and your management style through standard profiling.
  2. Utilize your reflective knowledge to maximize relationships with others through proven production strategies.

PIM: Finance

  1. Review the various reporting and analytical tools used in accounting in order to measure the financial state of an organization.
  2. Recognize the impact of various payment structures on an organization’s earnings through key graphing models.  

PIM: Leadership

  1. Determine the critical responsibilities and expectations valued only by a successful leader.
  2. Realize the methods of effective influence and the ways in which influence is key to both interpersonal and organizational conflict resolution.

PIM: Marketing

  1. Realize the importance in defining your competitive differential advantage and developing a competitive strategy in order to compete in a commodity world.
  2. Analyze various marketing approaches to determine the most successful method for creating a product and service that speaks positively to today’s patient.

PIM: Negotiation

  1. Recognize the need for preparation, analysis, communication and long-term strategy necessary in the successful negotiation process.
  2. Apply the appropriate strategic method for any negotiation in order to ensure a win-win outcome.

PIM: Quality

  1. Recognize the relationship and competition between fiscal responsibility and positive patient outcomes in today’s health care industry.
  2. Assess the quality standards and practices of today’s health care on a local, state and national level and the reformation efforts being implemented to improve health reform.

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