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Stock your reference library with essential information for physician leaders. We help health care professionals deal with their most challenging management and leadership issues by offering thought-provoking, insightful books written by the experts. Association members save on the cover price, with deep discounts.

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Keep the information you need at your fingertips. Downloadable e-books let you keep reference materials in your pocket — on your smartphone or tablet — or an entire library on your desktop computer. The American Association for Physician Leadership® offers the following titles for download from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Our award-winning magazine reflects and influences the important work taking place in physician leadership today. It’s a marketplace of ideas that inspire change within health care — spotlighting innovation and success, fostering personal and professional excellence, engaging members in conversation, and strengthening a sense of community. With case studies, original reporting, practical advice and thoughtful commentary, it’s a deeper dive into physician leadership.