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Stock your reference library with essential information for physician leaders. We help health care professionals deal with their most challenging management and leadership issues by offering thought-provoking, insightful books written by the experts. Association members save on the cover price, with deep discounts.

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Keep the information you need at your fingertips. Downloadable e-books let you keep reference materials in your pocket — on your smartphone or tablet — or an entire library on your desktop computer. The American Association for Physician Leadership® offers the following titles for download from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

 American Association for Physician Leadership Journal


The Physician Leadership Journal, The Journal of Medical Practice Management and the FAST Practice Newsletter are your daily references to keep you up-to-date on the biggest challenges facing physician leaders and practice leaders.

Physician Leadership Journal

The Physician Leadership Journal, PLJ is the official journal of the American Association for Physician Leadership®, the world’s premier organization for physician leaders. With members throughout the world, the PLJ is recognized as the voice of physician leadership. All active members receive th expert authorities writing today. Delivered 6 times per year, it is an indispensable guide for healthcare practices covering sound fiscal practices, marketing, legal, Health IT, human resources, career and organizational development, ancillary services, and much more.

The Journal of Medical Practice Management®

For over 35 years, the Journal of Medical Practice Management (formerly published by Greenbranch Publishing) has established itself as a leading resource that draws on the

Fast Practice

Built on the journal club concept, AAPL expert editors critically select and summarize sixteen of the most valuable articles from the current literature covering the most challenging physician issues/business of medicine topics. With Fast Practice, a monthly digital publication, you’ll get commonsense, cutting-edge strategies and insight from our in-the-trenches Editor - PLUS you also get a 60 minute professionally read audio file of the material