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Physician in Management Series

Physicians leaders seeking to learn the basics of medical management, finance, communication, management skills, quality improvement, marketing, and negotiation should enroll in our best seller, the PIM Series. During the 2018 Winter Institute, we will offer four (4) of the courses as live education courses while the marketing and finance courses will only be available as self-study (online) courses. All courses are included in the PIM Series price.


It takes solid communication skills to gain influence, promote cooperation and engage top performers. And you need to know yourself before you can reach others. Here, you’ll identify your own personal work behavioral tendencies and develop an understanding of how these styles may affect others. You’ll learn how to identify style differences and understand and value individual differences. These skills will enhance your effectiveness by improving your relationships with others and you’ll be able to develop strategies for collaboration to increase productivity in the workplace.

Finance (self-study)

Knowledge of key financial concepts and basic economic principles will earn you respect from administration and admiration from clinicians. You’ll learn how to clear the smoke when dealing with CFOs and accountants and interpret financial statements. You’ll also discover which costs are relevant for decision-making and create cost and payment structures that work to your advantage. See how profitability is not always a sufficient criterion for decision-making.


Effective physician leadership is key to improved patient satisfaction and better integration of clinical care across service lines. To be effective, physician leaders must master multiple clinical and leadership competencies, including interpersonal skills. You’ll learn how leaders use interpersonal skills and you’ll be able to apply them to any specific activities, including leading teams, coaching and managing conflict.

Marketing (self-study)

Marketing is all about helping people make educated choices. Here, you’ll understand techniques for marketing health care and stay ahead of the competition including differential advantage, target markets, and relationship marketing. You’ll learn how physicians and patients make choices and develop market-driven plans. You can lock in your patient and referral base and find your competitive edge in the health care marketplace by establishing your brand.


Negotiation is a process, not an inherent skill. Here, you’ll learn proven techniques to use in every negotiation and come out further ahead than you ever thought possible. You’ll understand how to prepare for a negotiation and determine your bargaining power and use the most effective strategies to negotiate the best agreements. You’ll learn how to avoid costly conflict. And you’ll discover how to take charge of the negotiation process and negotiate win-win outcomes and that enhance long-term working relationships.


Health care organizations are increasingly adopting quality improvement methods and techniques to minimize waste, decrease errors, increase efficiency and ultimately improve patient care. Gain clarity about what you are trying to accomplish, what you can change to improve quality, and how you will know that improvement has occurred. Learn how you can implement quality measures more successfully within health care organizations.

35 Total CME

Courses Included

2018 Winter Physician in Management: Communication

Live Courses
01/28 - 01/28

3.5 Total CME

2018 Winter Physician in Management: Leadership

Live Courses
01/25 - 01/25

7 Total CME

2018 Winter Physician in Management: Quality

Live Courses
01/26 - 01/26

7 Total CME

2018 Winter Physician in Management: Negotiation

Live Courses
01/27 - 01/27

7 Total CME

Marketing for Physician leaders

Self-Study Courses
On Demand

3.5 Total CME

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