Interprofessional Leader Membership – 3 Year


Available to non-MD or DO clinician leaders, including DDS, DMD, DMV, and DPM. Clinician leaders in every career stage and specialty are being called on to lead and provide direction for the future of health care. Empower yourself to provide optimal care and position yourself for maximum versatility and ongoing success with AAPL membership.

Value of Membership

Here's what you'll get out of your membership:

  • Build Your Leadership Skills - Sharpen your skills, knowledge, and competencies to increase your professional value. Our education programs help you build upon your skills as a physician leader and puts you ahead of your peers during every stage of your career. Discounted for members, our courses offer CME credit.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge - Differentiate yourself in the market by earning an advanced credential in physician leadership. Our CPE and FAAPL programs are THE recognized credentials among physician leaders.
  • Accelerate Your Career - In the ever-changing world of health care, it can be extremely complicated to understand how to best navigate the path to professional growth. Our career services team is ready to help you with career coaching, leadership skills assessments, and wellness support.
  • Make Meaningful Connections - Having an established network is important to your career as a physician leader. We bring members together to exchange ideas, open doors to new opportunities, increase visibility and to help others. Whether you’re looking for solutions to your toughest on-the-job challenges, the contact that can help you advance your career, or a lifelong connection to like-minded colleagues, you’ll find it at AAPL.
  • Demonstrate Leadership Excellence - We provide members with volunteer opportunities to increase your leadership competencies and inspire others in your organizations, communities and across the realm of health care.
  • Arm Yourself with Information - Our news and information resources are designed to keep you informed on the most important trends and news in health care leadership.

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