Physician Leadership Library


Love Your People, and They’ll Love You Back

For physicians, who often are taught to keep their emotions in check, that can be difficult.
  • Tiffani Sherman

New Nursing Home Rules Offer Residents More Control Of Their Care

People in these facilities are now guaranteed more flexibility on food and roommate choices, as well as improved discharge procedures.
  • Susan Jaffe

6 Ways to Screen Job Candidates for Strategic Thinking

To truly be effective, succession planning and leadership development programs must be integrated and focus on the long-term needs of an organization.
  • John Sullivan

After-Hours ER Care May Come With A Doctor’s Surcharge

Some hospitals charge extra for seeking treatment, but insurers are pushing back.
  • Michelle Andrews

‘A Step Up from Yelp’: Welcoming Online Reviews

Comments and scores offer transparency for prospective patients, and an impetus for some providers to improve.
  • Susan Kreimer

Faced With Unaffordable Drug Prices, Tens Of Millions Buy Medicine Outside U.S.

Poll: 8% say they have purchased medications outside of the U.S. to save money.
  • Rachel Bluth