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The Three Stages of a Physician's Career: Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement

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Comprehensive Career and Practice Management Skills for All Physicians and Physicians-in-Training

Today's medical graduates are superbly trained to practice state-of-the-art clinical medicine.  However, only in rare instances are they trained to self-manage their careers and medical practices.  This book has been planned to fill that gap in training and knowledge.

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Neil Baum, MD
Joel M Blau, CFP
Peter Moskowitz, MD
Ron Paprocki, CFP, JD

To assist students, interns, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians manage the many challenges of their career, the authors have divided physicians' careers into three stages: Early, Mid-Career, and Late-Career.  The goal of this book is to provide a "go-to" resource on strategic career and practice management, highlighting the unique issues, concerns and challenges doctors face during these three, very different stages of their career from medical school through post-retirement.

This new book, featuring insights from physician career and practice management experts, is an invaluable treasure trove of practical, hands-on advice from an author team gathering their expertise in one place! Jam-packed with easy-to-implement suggestions, you'll hear sage advice from a career coach for physicians, two certified financial planners, a healthcare attorney, a medical school dean for student advising, two experts who launch, merge, and sell physician practices, and a surgeon who literally "wrote the book," on the business aspects of running a medical practice.  All are recognized authorities in their field, and the authors are joined by a distinguished group of contributors including, Randy Bauman, Keith Borglum, Thomas Shapira, and Dr. Neil Gesundheit.  The contributors have decades of experience writing about the career and/or practice issues of physicians, and advising physicians and physicians-in-training.

The Early-Career section provides in-depth descriptions of career theory, choosing a medical field, renewing and balancing yourself,  managing career transitions, and practical guidelines to navigate the many other challenges of early careers in medicine.

The Mid-Career section offers the broadest and most detailed information available regarding practice organization and management, building assets and retirement planning, estate planning, common legal issues, and how to manage the challenges of malpractice and/or impairment.

The Late-Career section covers deciding what to do after practice, closing the doors or selling a practice, and evolving estate and practice priorities so there is joy in a well-planned retirement filled with fun, meaning, and contribution.

The Three Stages of a Physician's Career:  Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement will become your "go to" resource for critical topics such as these:
  • Modern Career Theory as it pertains to medical careers
  • Defining & managing the 3 types of medical career transitions
  • How to transition to a non-clinical career
  • How to choose your area of medical specialization
  • Self-Renewal, work-life balance, and the unique balance challenges of students and trainees
  • The essentials of landing your first job
  • How to dissect and interpret employment agreements
  • How to select a financial advisor and professional support team
  • Learn the essentials to master:  Insurance policies, profit sharing plans, 401K and 403b, debt reduction
  • Understanding retirement plans and creating an investment plan
  • Relief from fear of the unknown when experiencing or surviving a malpractice lawsuit
  • Recognizing and knowing how to deal with impairment in a colleague or yourself
  • Practical advice on marketing and practice promotion
  • PROTIREMENT: the proper approach to retirement planning
  • Knowing how to wind down or sell a practice or partnership
  • What comes next:  creating joy and meaning after practice
From the day you enter medical school until you take off the white coat, this book will guide you to be career-resilient, sustain practice success, and enter an exciting and fulfilling retirement without financial worries.  



  • Chapter 1: Understanding Modern Career Theory
  • Chapter 2: A Primer for Choosing a Career in Medicine
  • Chapter 3: Landing Your First Job: The Essentials
  • Chapter 4: Understanding and Negotiating Physician Employment Agreements
  • Chapter 5: Establishing Your Legal and Financial Teams and Setting Priorities
  • Chapter 6: Insuring Your Future
  • Chapter 7: Renewing Yourself: The Key Role of Work-Life Balance
  • Chapter 8: Managing a Practice or Career Transition
  • Chapter 9: Growing, Marketing, and Creating the Ideal Medical Practice
  • Chapter 10: Risk Management, Estate Planning, and Investing
  • Chapter 11: Understanding Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 12: Managing the Unwanted: Malpractice, Disability, and Impairment
  • Chapter 13: Getting Serious About Retirement
  • Chapter 14: Selling Your Practice
  • Chapter 15: Evolving Estate and Practice Priorities
  • Chapter 16 Deciding What Comes Next: Enjoying Life After Practice


Neil Baum

Neil Baum, MD is a practicing physician in New Orleans, LA, and is a Professor of Clinical Urology at Tulane Medical School. He is the author of seven books, including The Complete Business Guide to a Successful Medical Practice and Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically.


Joel Blau

Joel M. Blau, CFP® s President of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc. Prior to co-founding the firm, Mr. Blau was Vice President and Senior Financial Counselor for AMA Investment Advisers, L.P. Mr. Blau leads MEDIQUS’s Institutional Services and has extensive experience analyzing and designing financial plans for healthcare professionals and medical organizations. He is an expert in not-for-profit investment management, wealth preservation through estate tax planning, retirement, investment, and insurance planning. He is the co-author of The Prescription for Financial Health: An Authoritative Guide for Physicians published by Greenbranch Publishing.


Peter Moskowitz

Peter S. Moskowitz, MD is a nationally recognized authority on physician career management, speaker, workshop facilitator, and author. He is the Executive Director of the Center for Professional & Personal Renewal in Palo Alto, CA, providing career transition and life coaching for physicians nationwide. He is co-author of Medical Practice Divorce, a primer devoted to the topic of medical practice transitions, published by the American Medical Association Press. A pediatric radiologist by clinical training, Dr. Moskowitz brings to his coaching work over four decades of experience in both the academic and private sectors of American healthcare. He is currently Clinical Professor of Radiology, Emeritus, at Stanford University School of Medicine and at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.


Ron Howrigon

Ronald J. Paprocki, JD, CFP®, CHBC is Chief Executive Officer of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc. Before co-founding MEDIQUS in 1996, Mr. Paprocki was Vice President of AMA Investment Advisers, L.P. Mr. Paprocki is responsible for the wealth management and the retirement plan services provided by MEDIQUS, which include the analysis and design of individual financial strategies for healthcare professionals, closely held business owners, and high-level executives. In addition, he is also responsible for the retirement plan services provided by the firm, which includes plan design, investment selection, and participant education. A Certified Financial Planner™ certificant, Certified Healthcare Business Consultant (CHBC), and Registered Securities Principal, Mr. Paprocki earned his law degree from DePaul University College of Law and his bachelor’s degree from Knox College. He is the co-author of The Prescription for Financial Health: An Authoritative Guide for Physicians published by Greenbranch Publishing.


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