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Choosing Autonomy: The Physician's Guide to Returning to Private Practice

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Physician Employment in a Large Organization is Not for Everyone.

"Most of my colleagues who are employed by hospitals are miserable." Anonymous physician
Physicians, minimize risky decisions by reading this book before you make a move! Hospital CEOs and executives will find this book useful as they seek to understand the perspective of physicians they employ. For medical practice consultants, the book provides a transfer of knowledge necessary to successfully practice in this growing area.

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Randy Bauman

This leading edge book is a guide for unwinding an unhappy hospital employment relationship and reestablishing a private medical practice. Designed for employed physicians (and their administrative staff and advisors) who are searching to regain independence or control over their practice of medicine, Choosing Autonomy: The Physician's Guide to Returning to Private Practice, gives you:

  • An understanding of how to evaluate the substantial risks returning to private practice entails in today’s environment.
  • Insight on how hospital employment of physicians is repeating the same cycle as in the 1990’s, how this cycle works and its implications in your decision-making and negotiations.
  • Strategies to evaluate your options, negotiate around legal barriers and develop financial projections critical in assessing the feasibility of leaving employment and striking out on your own.
  • Examines legal considerations that may prevent you from leaving your current job.
  • Insight to creative financing options, availability of financing sources, techniques and alternatives.
  • Provides a comprehensive start-up checklist and worksheets to aid in developing financial projections.
  • Provides simple and concise success factors to monitor during the critical early stages of start-up.
"The checklists and financial proforma worksheets alone are worth the price of the book!"

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Initial Considerations
Chapter 2: Legal Considerations
Chapter 3: Feasibility  
Chapter 4: Financing
Chapter 5: Practice Startup, Operations, and Management
Chapter 6: Success Factors—Balancing the Three-Legged Stool
Appendix A: The Cycle of Physician Employment  
Appendix B: Work RVU Primer

Randy Bauman

Randy Bauman is President of Delta Health Care,  a Nashville-based consulting firm specializing in the business of physician practice. Randy draws on more than 25 years of experience working with both physician and hospital clients on strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, group formations, compensation planning, operations, and practice valuations. He is a noted writer and speaker in the health care community.

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