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2024 Fall Institute Managing Physician Performance

14 Total CME

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In this course, attendees will gain insight into the following key concepts and competencies:
-Four Most Frequent Theories The specific characteristics and needs of individuals. The personal consequences of various types of behaviors. The group/team environment and organizational culture. The specificity of both expectations and feedback.
-Recruitment Sourcing Interviewing.
-Components of Performance Management Defining expected behavior Measuring actual behavior Feedback and coaching.
-Types of Data for Performance Measurement Quantifiable systematic data Behavioral observation data.
-Periodic Performance Review Components Review of data Self-evaluation 1:1 interview with mutual discovery and goal setting.
-“Inverted Pyramid” of Managing Provider Performance Recruiting with the right doc from the onset. Clear expectations of performance. Clear measures of performance. Compensation aligned with expectations. Routine and periodic feedback. Managing marginal performance. Adverse action.

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