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2024 Fall Institute Mastering Emotional Intelligence

7 Total CME

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This course will equip you with the intrapersonal skills and interpersonal strategies to exude greater emotional intelligence in the healthcare context. Through the in-depth analysis of case studies and real-world situations, you will develop enhanced proficiency in behavior management. This includes the management of one’s own behaviors as well as the behavioral expressions of other people.

For a healthcare organization to reliably create favorable outcomes for patients, the patterns of interaction between leadership and staff must be infused with emotional intelligence. Furthermore, pertaining to physician leaders, the charge to establish and maintain these dynamics largely falls on their shoulders. It is with that understanding that AAPL has designed the Mastering Emotional Intelligence course.

The curriculum offers insights, case studies, and learning activities that will expand your knowledge base around emotionally intelligent leadership, as well as strengthen your ability to identify, analyze, and manage manifestations of behavior. Growth in these areas can offer benefits in numerous domains of your medical career, including the ability to improve behavior management procedures and deepen relationships with colleagues, staff, and patients. 

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