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7 Ways to Stop Drama in Your Healthcare Practice

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By Marlene Chism

This program includes a learning guide, a 130 page handbook, and a 90 minute audio presentation by Marlene Chism and Nancy Collins, Sr. VP for Content Procurement and Distribution, AAPL

The culture of healthcare includes built-in drama: There’s coding, reimbursements, legislation, technology, HIPAA, Medicare, Pay-for-Performance, and the costs of running a practice. This kind of built-in drama is outside of your control.

What’s inside your area of control is how you lead, how your people work together, and how you communicate.

If you run a practice you recognize the tell-tale signs of drama in healthcare:

  • For practice leader Reanna, it is the micromanaging physician owner who doesn't support her even after agreeing privately to do so.
  • For Jocelyn, the practice administrator, it is the nurse practitioner whose patients love her, but acts like a queen bee with her colleagues.
  • For Tai, the coding supervisor, it is the medical coder who is negative, combative, resistant to feedback, and doesn’t get along with the rest of the team. But her work is good.
  • For Joseph, the co-owner of the practice, it is the management of the hugely productive surgeon who bullies his physician peers.
  • For Tyrone, the practice CEO, it is the turf war between the practice manager and the billing manager, who gossip and tattle on each other.

Author, executive educator and consultant Marlene Chism offers practical strategies to help healthcare executives elevate their leadership, implement strategic communication and eliminate time-wasting drama.

American Association for Physician Leadership is pleased to announce an exciting new resource for healthcare practices, 7 Ways to Stop Drama in Your Healthcare Practice, presented by Marlene Chism, Author of Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011) and No-Drama Leadership (2015), and co-hosted by Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management.

The “crash course” program includes the following:

  • An informative 90-minute presentation via audio file on a USB Flash Drive.
  • A learning guide constructed as worksheets to accompany the audio file.
  • A 130 page handbook to expand on the content of the audio presentation.
  • Certificate of completion.

No matter what situation you are facing in your healthcare practice, after completing Marlene Chism's program, you will have a better understanding of the cause of the drama in your office and the skills that will enable you to rip drama out by the roots.

Whether you are the owner, the practice executive, a hospital administrator, office manager or front-line leader, your business results are directly related to your leadership effectiveness. After applying the principles, techniques, and strategies offered by Marlene Chism, you will confidently address difficult situations, navigate change, improve accountability and ultimately shape the culture of your practice.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for facilitating staff meetings.
  • Why your boundaries aren’t working.
  • How to empower employees instead of coddling them.
  • Why you must stop playing the rescue role.
  • Five meeting mistakes to avoid.
  • A process for handling dropped balls and disappointments.
  • Easy ways to offer staff development without breaking your bank.

7 Ways to Stop Drama in the Healthcare Practice will provide you with proven strategies like these:

  • How to attack drama head on, in a no-nonsense manner.
  • Methods to systemize communication to connect staff members.
  • How to run a staff meeting that produces results.
  • Ways to inspire staff members to be change agents in the practice.
  • How to keep cool (and maintain composure) when emotions are running high.
  • Initiating difficult conversations – we dedicate an entire chapter to this.
  • How to refine your “open door policy” so it works for you.
  • Strategies on how to get support from the top.

Bonus Features:

  • Leadership Self-test to see your own dysfunctional patterns that can lead to drama.
  • A checklist to get a Birdseye view of the practice culture and instructions on how to employ the same checklist with each-and-every-employee to gauge the five areas of connection needed.

To excel as a practice leader, you must have the skills to identify drama, communicate strategically, and align your team to the vision and mission of your practice. 7 Ways to Stop Drama in the Healthcare Practices gives you the tools you need to effectively deal with drama in the workplace, lead your team to success and increase business results.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1 - Get Clear: Clarity Can Change Any Situation
  3. Chapter 2 - Get Connected: Create Loyalty, Build Relationships, Promote Trust
  4. Chapter 3 - Initiate Difficult Conversations: A Drama-Free Process that Gets Results
  5. Chapter 4 - Stop Rescuing: Stop Taking On Everyone Else's Issues
  6. Chapter 5 - Manage Change: Setting Realistic Expectations Through Any Change
  7. Chapter 6 - Systematize Your Communications: Take Charge of Meetings and Electronic Communications
  8. Chapter 7 - Commit to Development: Help Employees Discover and Deliver Their Gifts
  9. One Act of Courage: Owning Your Role as Leader
Marlene Chism

Marlene Chism is a speaker and author of Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011) and No-Drama Leadership (Bibliomotion 2015) and the founder of “The Stop Your Drama Methodology.” As a gifted speaker, creative problem solver, and engaging story teller, Marlene simplifies complex topics to educate and engage healthcare practitioners, associations, and corporations nationwide.

In today’s fast-paced high-drama world where competition is fierce and uncertainty is the only constant, cutting the drama in healthcare has never been more essential. As a sought after expert in high-drama industries, Marlene Chism offers healthcare leaders the mindsets and practical tools to manage stress, facilitate change, and significantly improve business results.

As a consultant, Marlene makes the complex simple, and gets to the root of drama to help leaders clearly define the problem and create a new vision.

As a professional speaker, Marlene is known for her dynamic story-telling engaging diverse audiences from C-suite executives to entrepreneurs, administrators and owners. Her message of personal responsibility and empowerment inspires a global audience across many industries.

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