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Affiliation Options for Physicians: Current and Future Strategies

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The number of available affiliation options can be nearly as daunting and confusing as the uncertainty surrounding which model is the best fit for any organization. Choosing the correct model is best achieved through foundational knowledge – and with an eye on what you can expect the future of healthcare to bring.

In this new book, Max Reiboldt, CPA, and his team at Coker Group, equip physicians, physician leaders, health system administrators and private investors with an abundance of knowledge and effective strategies for making sound decisions based on the current and future environment of healthcare practice and delivery.

Pub Date: August 1st

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Max Reiboldt, CPA - Coker Group

Reiboldt and team presents those myriad possibilities in an organized and easy-to-digest format that explores the “what” and “how-to” applications of each option, and by providing an historical review of various physician affiliation transactions over the past 20 years, including:

  • Physician to physician.
  • Private group to private group.
  • Private group to hospital-health systems.
  • Private group to private equity/outside investors, and more.

Using history as a basis, Reiboldt and his team of experts explain how the past has shaped the current state of affiliation models and associated transactions. As a user-friendly resource for those weighing their affiliation options, Reiboldt also explains professional services agreements, joint equity opportunities, private equity transactions, clinical co-management alignment, clinically integrated networks and value-based reimbursement structures, legal and regulatory compliance considerations, capital procurement options, the role of IT, and the mechanics of putting together and closing the deal.

As president and CEO of Coker Group, Max Reiboldt, CPA, and his capable team have first-hand experience in the ongoing changes of healthcare providers, which uniquely equips them to handle strategic, tactical, financial and management issues that health systems and physicians face in today’s evolving marketplace.

  • Chapter 1: Overview of Physician Affiliation Options—50 Years of History
  • Chapter 2: Evolution of Economics of Physician Affiliation Models
  • Chapter 3: Reasons for Affiliation
  • Chapter 4: Summary of Current Models
  • Chapter 5: Physician Employment
  • Chapter 6: Professional Services Agreements
  • Chapter 7: Joint Equity Ventures
  • Chapter 8: Private Equity Model for Hospital/Physician Transactions
  • Chapter 9: Private Equity-Like Transactions
  • Chapter 10: Clinical Co-Management
  • Chapter 11: Limited Affiliation Structures
  • Chapter 12: Clinically Integrated Networks and Value-based Reimbursement Affiliation Models
  • Chapter 13: Group Mergers
  • Chapter 14: Information Technology Due Diligence in Mergers
  • Chapter 15: Legal and Regulatory Considerations
  • Chapter 16: Options for Capital Procurement
  • Chapter 17: Transaction Mechanics and Key Steps of the Deal Process
  • Chapter 18: What Lies Ahead?


Max Reiboldt

Max Reiboldt, CPA is president/CEO of Coker Group with 44 years of total experience; the last 25 years specifically focused on healthcare. He has experienced first-hand the incredible changes of healthcare providers, which uniquely equips him to handle strategic, tactical, financial, and management issues that health systems and physicians face in today's evolving marketplace.

From his extensive work with health systems/hospitals, medical practices, and related healthcare entities, Mr. Reiboldt understands the nuances of the healthcare industry, especially in such a dynamic age. He understands healthcare organizations’ needs to maintain viability in a highly-competitive market. His experience of having “experienced everything” in the healthcare industry equips him to provide pertinent counsel to clients. Whether a transitional provider or a more cutting-edge healthcare entity, Mr. Reiboldt is uniquely qualified to work with these organizations to provide sound solutions to every day and long-range challenges.

As president/CEO, Mr. Reiboldt oversees Coker Group’s services and the general operations of the Firm. His “first love” is working with clients, providing sound financial, strategic, and tactical solutions to hospitals and health systems, medical practices, and other healthcare entities through keen analysis and problem-solving. Working with organizations of all sizes, Reiboldt engages in consulting projects nationwide.

An avid writer and speaker, Reiboldt enjoys educating healthcare leaders through books, white papers, articles, and speaking at national symposiums. His expertise encompasses physician/hospital alignment initiatives, hospital service line development, clinical integration initiatives, financial analyses (including physician compensation plans), mergers and acquisitions, hospital and practice strategic planning, ancillary services development, PHO/IPA/MSO/CIN development, appraisals, and “accountable care era” consultation. As the industry moves to adapting to the many changes in response to healthcare reform, including the entire “volume-to-value” paradigm, he leads Coker Group’s efforts in this arena.

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