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All Physicians are Leaders: Reflections on Inspiring Change Together for Better Healthcare

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All Physicians are Leaders: Reflections on Inspiring Change Together for Better Healthcare

This book is a frank dialogue and call to action on how all physicians can reach their fullest potential by becoming and remaining more engaged while inspiring engagement in others. It is also a clear-eyed look at the positive and trusted role physicians exercise in every sector of the healthcare industry.

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by Peter B. Angood MD, FRCS(C), FACS, MCCM, FAAPL(Hon)

Dr. Peter Angood is president and chief executive officer of the American Association for Physician Leadership®, the world’s oldest and largest professional association solely dedicated to physician-led, inter-professional leadership. In that role since 2012, he has continuously promoted the charge that “at some level, all physicians are leaders.”

Including chapters on wellness and burnout, patient safety, lifelong learning and the necessary personal and professional competencies for physician leaders, Dr. Angood’s commentaries are uniquely astute and bold.

He asserts that physicians remain the most trusted and dominant conduit for care and decision-making within the multidisciplinary sphere of healthcare. With increasing demands for quality care and patient satisfaction, the physician leader is well-positioned and deserves an equitable say in shaping the future of the healthcare industry.

  • Chapter 1: All Physicians are Leaders … at Some Level
  • Chapter 2: Physicians, Value and Compound Interest: Benefits of a Physician-Led Organization
  • Chapter 3: Demographics, Shifting Models and Physician Leadership
  • Chapter 4: Competencies and Lifelong Learning
  • Chapter 5: Safety, Transparency and Physician Leadership
  • Chapter 6: Redefining a Value Equation with Physicians as Leaders
  • Chapter 7: Adversity, Resilience and Persistence
  • Chapter 8: Reflections on Evolving Change in Training of Physicians
  • Chapter 9: Caring and Compassion vs. Physician Compensation
  • Chapter 10: Metrics, Measurement and Patient Safety Reporting
  • Chapter 11: Diversity, Inclusion and Physicians’ Need to Give
  • Chapter 12: The Value of Volunteering
  • Chapter 13: Violence, Safety and Physician Leadership
  • Chapter 14: Clarion Call: Elective, Urgent or Emergent?
  • Chapter 15: Uncertainty, Ambiguity and DiSC: A Contrast
  • Chapter 16: Generations, Wisdom and a Hero’s Journey
  • Chapter 17: Crisis Management and Catastrophes: Times for Learning?
  • Chapter 18: Physicians Meeting the Challenge of Contrasting Ideologies
  • Chapter 19: Patient-Centered Care: Is it Really Disruptive?
  • Chapter 20: Physicians and the Sense of Accomplishment
  • Chapter 21: Telehealth: Has Its Time Come?
  • Chapter 22: Trust: Professionalism, Altruism, Forbearance
  • Chapter 23: Appreciation – Where Does it Lead?
  • Chapter 24: Medicine, Human Wellness and Ecology
  • Chapter 25: We Know About Physician Burnout; What About Physician Happiness?
  • Bonus Special Report: The Value of Physician Leadership

About the Author:

Peter B. Angood, MD, FRCS(C), FACS, MCCM, FAAPL(Hon)

Peter B. Angood, Author

Dr. Peter Angood has provided senior executive leadership for all sizes and types of healthcare organizations. Since 2012, he has been chief executive officer and president of the American Association for Physician Leadership® (formerly ACPE, American College of Physician Executives); the only professional association solely focused on leadership education, management training, and providing full-service career development offerings oriented toward the physician workforce and the organizations where physicians work or are represented. AAPL is celebrating its 45th year anniversary and has membership in over 40 countries.

Previously Dr. Angood was the inaugural chief patient safety officer and a vice-president for The Joint Commission, where he oversaw the National Patient Safety Goals and other enterprise-wide, international patient safety initiatives. He also completed a two-year engagement with the National Quality Forum and National Priorities Partnership as senior advisor for patient safety before assuming the role of chief medical officer with the Patient Safety Organization of GE Healthcare. During these engagements, Dr. Angood continued intermittent work with the WHO Patient Safety initiative after helping lead early development of the WHO Collaborating Center for Patient Safety Solutions.

Earlier in his career, after initially practicing with hospitals of the McGill University system, Dr. Angood was subsequently recruited to surgery faculty and hospital administrative positions with insti¬tutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, and Washington University in St. Louis. He completed his formal academic career as a Full Professor of Surgery, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Angood is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada), the American College of Surgeons, and the American College of Critical Care Medicine, which also recognized him as a Master of Critical Care Medicine. He has a history of active involvement with numerous professional organizations and served as president for the Society of Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Angood’s research interests have addressed leading-edge problems; he has authored over 200 publications of varying types and is a well-recognized international speaker on the host of issues related to physician leadership. Dr. Angood is a fellow of the Explorers Club in New York City, and membership with the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC, is currently under review.

Dr. Angood received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba in Canada and completed his general surgery training at McGill University in Montreal, as well as fellowship training in trauma surgery and critical care medicine at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

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