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How Physicians Can Fix Health Care: One Innovation at a Time - Soft Cover

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Break through the chaos that surrounds health care and harness the power to create positive change. That’s the message you’ll hear loud and clear in the insightful book How Physicians Can Fix Health Care, by innovation expert Chris Trimble.

Trimble takes his years of experience studying business innovation and applies them to health care for the first time. He says physicians on the front lines do indeed have the ability to make significant changes that will bring safer, more efficient and better health care to patients.

You’ll learn how to formulate an innovative idea, solidify it and design a team to deploy it. Trimble cites real-life examples of how small innovations are improving health care across the country and explains how all physicians can achieve similar successes within any health care organization.

Heather Fork, MD, founding of Doctor’s Crossing is one of many health care leaders praising Trimble’s groundbreaking book: “At a time when many doctors are considering leaving medicine, Trimble offers a voice of hope and an innovative approach for how doctors can lead the way to a more collaborative, effective, and sustainable system.”

Get your copy of How Physicians Can Fix Health Care: One Innovation at a Time and start creating positive change today!

Author:Chris Trimble
Pages:240 Pages

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