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Next-Level Healthcare Employees: Improving the Performance of a Good Team

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Although healthcare leaders spend a lot of time dealing with the day-to-day operations of their organizations, to be most effective, they must also devote the time and know-how necessary to inspire, encourage, and teach their good employees to become excellent employees. That’s where this book comes in.Settling for good employees is simply not setting the bar high enough in today’s competitive healthcare marketplace. Next-Level Healthcare Employees: Improving the Performance of a Good Team is important because it presents readers with 17 clear, practical, how-to-do-it strategies that they can use right away and with little-to-no cost to help their good employees level up their performance from good to stellar.Some organization leaders fall into the common trap of overlooking their employees who are doing a basically good job. Good employees are not squeaky wheels, so they don’t usually get much oil.However, that is a dangerous strategy. Good employees who are ignored often stagnate and their work can suffer. It’s unlikely that they will ever reach their full potential. In some cases, good employees who feel ignored and unchallenged become bored and frustrated and subsequently leave.
This book is on-point with clear strategies for leveling up good employees, leaving the reader no doubt about what to do or why to do it. Ultimately, readers can use what they learn to lead their good employees to stellar performance, which in turn will help those employees feel happier, more fulfilled, and more likely to stay.Bonus Section! “Creating a Core Beliefs Statement: 25 Guiding Truths for Your Employees” should be mandatory reading for every healthcare employee. Author Laura Hills, D.A., articulates clearly and concisely what it means to work in a healthcare organization — what the job really is — in a way that readers can easily understand.

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