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Physician Alignment: Ensuring Success with Negotiations, Payment Systems, and Education of Stakeholders

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The book is the result on hands-on experience from working with clients and understanding of impact of latest changes in accountable care era payment systems.

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Max Reiboldt, President and CEO of Coker Group

With pressures mounting to succeed in physician alignment projects, there is confusion about alignment alternatives, expense of investment involved, and understanding of accountable care era payment systems. However, Physician Alignment, a new book by the experts at Coker Group, will help you evaluate and assess options, identify critical success factors in thriving alignment models, and help you with strategies for improving an existing relationship, salvaging a struggling relationship, or terminating a failing relationship. This book is designed for physicians, hospital administrators, practice administrators and office managers, and healthcare consultants. With Physician Alignment: Ensuring Success with Negotiations, Payment Systems, and Education of Stakeholders, you'll gain a level of comfort with strategies and negotiations as you work on your physician alignment projects.

Physician Alignment provides the following:

  • Explains the different alignment options, with emphasis on full alignment models
  • Assesses the current state of payment systems and explores how to prepare for future changes and challenges
  • Presents the benefits and challenges of alignment
  • Identifies critical success factors in thriving alignment models
  • Develops strategies for creating a new alignment relationship or improving established alignment structures
  • Educates key stakeholders on how engage in the process from concept to implementation and beyond

Table of Contents

  • The Healthcare Industry Today: Changes and Challenges
  • Options for Contemporary Alignment
  • Alignment—Risks and Rewards
  • Resolving Common Alignment Challenges
  • Compensation Models in the Accountable Care Era
  • Financial Implications in Alignment—Benefits and Concerns
  • Contemporary Alignment Structures—Case Studies
Max Reiboldt

Max Reiboldt, President and CEO of Coker Group, has led Coker's growth since 1996 to its position today as one of the leading healthcare consulting firms in the United States and abroad. Mr. Reiboldt provides sound tactical and strategic solutions to hospitals, medical practices, health systems, and other healthcare entities through keen analysis and problem solving. He is an accomplished public speaker on healthcare management topics and has authored or contributed to many of Coker Group's 60-plus books including Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice, Second Edition (©2014 Greenbranch Publishing)

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