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We're here for your professional development needs. AAPL has a robust catalog of Physician Leadership courses to assist you to make this happen.

Here's a sample of recommended courses from the AAPL course catalog. 


Become a Leader:

The Fundamentals of Physician Leadership Series is the perfect starting point for your journey into leadership. 


  • Fundamentals of Physician Leadership: Series

    Build a well-rounded foundation of leadership and influence. Effective leadership is developed by honing specific skills and behaviors, and in the Fundamentals courses, physicians will explore tactics and strategies to strengthen organizational values, improve team performance, streamline redundant processes and more.

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Lead Your Team:

Establish a team that works well together and produces results.


    • A physician health care executive's guide to address the fundamentals of burnout, the language of well-being, and how you can apply these wellness concepts to your life and career.Practical Principles of Change Management

      This course consists of real case studies that demonstrate change creation. Physician leaders will closely examine those case studies and use actionable findings to manage change in their own organizations.

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    • A physician health care executive's guide to lead a complex organization during change, crisis, conflict, and uncertaintyManaging Physician Performance

      This program provides expert instruction and actionable takeaways to recruit new physicians, host performance-based conversations, incentivize positive behaviors (by redesigning compensation models) and retain top performers. It offers insights, tactics, and techniques to manage nearly every stage of a physician’s career.

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Lead Your Department:

Learn how to deliver on performance, quality and results


    • A physician health care executive's guide to gain practical and actionable skills that will help you say goodbye to burnout.Science of High Reliability

      High reliability is the study of human performance in complex systems. In this course, physician leaders explore systems thinking, analysis of serious safety events and techniques to minimize mistakes. The curriculum covers strategies and tactics to change organizational culture, improve team performance and exhibit leadership behaviors. 

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    • A physician health care executive's guide to assess the health of their organizationFoundations of Financial Accounting

      This course offers insights on how to record business activities and interpret financial statements. Physician leaders who enroll can gain an understanding as to why financial accounting is so often political and controversial.

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Lead Your Organization:

Discover how to strategically and financially lead


  • A physician health care executive's roadmap to embracing changeEssentials of Health Law

    Health care law is a complex topic affected by sweeping changes in the political landscape. Gain an overview of health care laws and how decisions have affected organizations. Examine today’s most pressing health legal issues for patients, health care employees, and organizations. Develop insights to help interpret statutes and judicial opinions that directly affect health care. Explore the legal trends associated with liability for managed care organizations. Develop strategies for proactively protecting practitioners and organizations.

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  • A physician health care executive's roadmap to embracing changeResolving Conflict

    Discover how to shift your organization from a fear-based culture to one of trust and productivity.

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